Storage Drawer, Open, 38.5″ x 20″ x 12.5″ outside


These drawers are a notch above the rest. Made from 12mm high quality Baltic Birch plywood and with the corners CNC machined for a Lock-n-Glue assembly which offers a much stronger and nicer looking joint than the more normal screw and glue method, or even dovetail joints.

The bottom plate is also made from 12mm Baltic Birch, ensuring a solid bottom that can hold all your gear without dropping out.

Opening and closing the drawer is done with a high quality positive lock latch that not only keeps the drawer from opening when closed but positively pulls the drawer shut to prevent any rattling when on the trail.

The drawer itself is coated inside and out with a clear polyurethane, and the drawer front plate is first stained with a black stain and then coated with clear polyurethane.

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  • Baltic Birch, 12mm.
  • Aluminum frame, 1″ x 1″ 8020 type extrusion.
  • Custom Corner system machined from 6061-T6 Aircraft billet aluminum.
  • Fasteners are secured with locking hardware or are safety wired to Aerospace specs, preventing anything from rattling lose when going over those washboard ripples.
  • Drawer coated inside and out with clear polyurethane.
  • Face plate coated with black stain and clear polyurethane.
  • High end handle with tension lock.
  • Lock Out slides with hidden latch mechanism.
  • The drawer system fits the standard Base Plates and brackets and fasteners comes with it.
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Storage Drawer, Open, 38.5″ x 20″ x 12.5″ outside
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